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EP 116: The Top 10 Financial Pain Points ER Docs Face

ER Docs are a unique financial bunch. Aside from the challenging day-to-day work, there are often overlooked financial realities, call them "pain points" that can add to the already taxing nature of the profession.

In today’s episode, we’ll identify the ten most present pain points we notice working with ER Docs. Keep in mind, this list is not all-encompassing, nor will all apply to every listener. But, how many apply to you? And, how can you improve upon these in the new year?

Topics Discussed:     
  • The issue with spending, keeping up, and "playing hard."
  • The nasty surprise of higher taxes.
  • Saving for kids, parents, and financial independence.
  • The lack of training, literacy, and direction for finances.
  • The complicated planning that comes with variable income and inconsistency.

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pain points, ER doctors, financial issues, financial frustrations, spending, taxes, income sources

Scott Wisniewski, EA