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EP 112: The Best Tool to Manage an ER Doc’s Cash Flow

Before a pilot even takes off, the route to their destination is already mapped out. But just because this baseline is established, doesn’t mean there won’t be deviation along the way. Events like turbulence or maintenance can still occur outside the scope of the planned route. The fact that the plan exists allows pilots to pivot while understanding where they still need to get to. Without that plan, they’d quite literally be flying blind.

Unfortunately, we find a lot of ER Docs are flying blind when it comes to their finances. All the different income types, and even varying pay structures within each income type, can lead to uncertainty. It’s this same uncertainty that leads to exhaustion and stress. That’s why, we feel, having a framework to navigate from is so important. On today’s episode, we’ll discuss the best tool for managing an ER Doc’s cash flow.

Topics Discussed:     
  • What a cash flow plan is.
  • Why creating a line for each item in your cash flow plan is crucial.
  • How ER Docs are usually paid and why this can be confusing.
  • Why so many ER Docs feel overwhelmed by their finances.
  • How a cash flow plan can help you find ways of saving more money.
  • How to lay out your cash flow plan so you have a clear idea of your true net income.
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