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EP 111: The 5 Most Common Disability Insurance Questions We Get

Disability insurance is arguably the most complex insurance to analyze, discuss, and overall understand. When we look at other insurance, such as life, flood, even to some degree auto, those insurances have pretty defined circumstances for which need to occur in order to pay out. But with DI, there is a wide range of disabilities that can occur, policy definitions that can be met, job duties that can or cannot be performed, and even riders that can be included or not included on the policy. It really takes a specialist to understand the intricacies of DI policies.

On top of these complexities, there’s the human element of “a disability won’t happen to me.” Combine this with monthly premiums that come with these policies, it’s no mystery why ER Docs may decide to cheap out or avoid purchasing a policy altogether. In this episode we’ll address the common questions we get that will hopefully provide some clarity on the importance of obtaining proper disability insurance coverage.

Topics Discussed:     
  • Why disability is a lot more prevalent than people think.
  • Common questions in regards to disability insurance.
  • How easily a disability can happen.
  • The importance of having proper disability coverage.
  • How most long-term disabilities occur.
  • What happens if you don’t get disability insurance.
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