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EP 109: The Financial Realities of Owning Rental Properties

Most ER Docs are searching for ways to diversify their income. What’s the number one method for achieving this that comes to mind? Rental properties. But so often are the financial realities of owning rentals overlooked. And most importantly: the methods for maximizing rental profitability never come to fruition.

In this episode, we’ll give our point of view, having worked with hundreds of ER Docs owning hundreds of rental properties, to communicate how rental properties tend to actually play out from a cash flow perspective, a tax perspective, and eventually a selling perspective.

Topics Discussed:     
  • Where prices have dropped the most.
  • Why real estate is not less volatile than a diversified mix of stocks and bonds.
  • The realities of owning a rental property.
  • How to structure the ownership of buying rental properties.
  • The importance of having insurance on your properties.
  • What to consider before selling your rental property.
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