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EP 105: Health Insurance Considerations For ER Docs

The average American has it much easier than ER Docs when it comes to health insurance. For one, they are probably employed by a company not only offering options to choose from, but also assisting in paying the premiums for those options. Whereas many ER Docs are 1099 earners on their own when it comes to making selections and footing 100% of the bill for coverage. Additionally, the average American will likely work until age 65 where they will be eligible for Medicare coverage. ER Docs, on the other hand, tend to retire before that meaning they have to yet again navigate the waters of obtaining health insurance on their own.

With health insurance being one of the most individualized aspects of financial planning, in this episode we get into various aspects you should be considering this upcoming open enrollment to ensure you’re obtaining the right coverage.  

Topics Discussed:     
  • What type of health insurance you should get.
  • How HSAs work.
  • When you may want to consider not having an HSA.
  • An alternative to health insurance.
  • How to ensure you are getting the right coverage.
  • What you should do if you retire early and you’re too young to qualify for Medicare.
  • The importance of tax diversification.
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