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EP 102: The 5 Steps To Financial Wizardry

There are tried and true building blocks to a financial plan – areas where if you at least hit those, you can achieve a large percentage of what is needed to reach your goals. The key thing is this: you have to hit all of them… and do so effectively. Because over-concentrating or under-concentrating in one or another will inevitably wreak havoc on the rest of your plan.

On today’s episode, we’ll present 5 “pillars” for becoming a Financial Wizard.

Topics Discussed:     
  • What happens if you don’t save enough before retirement.
  • When you should consider the possibility of having a spending problem.
  • How to ensure you’re saving enough for retirement without over-saving.
  • The science behind how to invest your money.
  • How to maximize your earnings.
  • What insurance policy you should absolutely have.
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Scott Wisniewski, EA