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EP 101: A Nifty Way to Access Your IRA In Retirement

Retirement looks different for every ER Doc. Many plan to retire early. Others may reduce workload and extend their working years. Aligning retirement with a spouse is another common goal. Regardless of the way you retire, how you access your retirement savings should be a major point of interest, especially if you are being tax and investment allocation conscious.

The traditional way of pulling money out of pre-tax retirement accounts by selling positions then distributing the cash proceeds may not be the optimal strategy for many. Yet, it’s the way most people end up handling things. On today’s episode, we discuss a different way – one that is often overlooked or unknown.

Topics Discussed:     
  • How to access your IRA in retirement.
  • How to calculate your Required Minimum Distribution.
  • The importance of knowing your long-term retirement goals.
  • What defines an in-kind distribution.
  • Why retirement tax planning is still essential.
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Scott Wisniewski, EA